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friends only - comment to be added [May. 23rd, 2015|10:12 am]
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friends only banners [Mar. 11th, 2008|12:28 pm]
I made some friends only banners. If you use them, please credit me, thanks. :-)

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yayayay! tomorrow i will see pirates! [May. 22nd, 2007|08:17 am]
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saltatio mortis @ spectaculum bad säckingen [May. 7th, 2007|10:55 am]
I finally managed to upload the photos from the "Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum" in Bad Säckingen. :-)

Saltatio Mortis were great, as usual. The fair itself is lovely, although far from really historical. The atmosphere is nice, there are bunches of taverns serving good food and even better drinks, so these fairs (spectaculum.de) are just fine for hanging out with your friends.

On to the pix:

Alea - Saltatio Mortis

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egyptian meme [Nov. 27th, 2006|08:59 am]
oh, er...


Clever, fatalist, deep. Sympathetic, generous, loving and perseverant in proving their view point

Colors: male: sienna, female: crimson
Compatible Signs:
Bastet, Isis
May 8 - May 27, Jun 29 - Jul 13

Role: God of death and mummification
Jackal or a jackal-headed man
Sacred animals:

What is Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign?
Designed by CyberWarlock of Warlock's Quizzles and Quandaries

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